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Smart Plant Pot
Smart Plant Pot
Smart Plant Pot
Smart Plant Pot
Smart Plant Pot
Smart Plant Pot
Smart Plant Pot
Smart Plant Pot
Smart Plant Pot
Smart Plant Pot
Smart Plant Pot
Smart Plant Pot

Smart Plant Pot

★★★★★ 4.8

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It's not just a flower pot

Smart Planter - Robo Pet - Trendy Figurine

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Smart Planter - Robo Pet - Trendy Figurine

Emoji Reminders
Express plant`s need through expressions

Sensor Technology
7 sensors provide
real-time insights into plant`s growth

Smart Home Automation
Joined Tuya Ecosystem


Custom Care for Each
Lighting, watering, temperature, humidity

Upbeat Companion
Gesture interaction brigs even more fun

Fits in Anywhere
Office, desktop, nightstand, living room

Your Guide to Understanding
Your Plants` Needs

I Plant caring is never this easy

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5 Interactive qestures 70+ dynamic expressions


Ivy provides full support for 36 types of plants


Convenient App For You

Watering reminders, status data, and the ability tomonitor your plant anytime, anywhere


Daily LIFE


Real-Time Big Data Analysis

Real-time data combined with AI algorithms, providing 24/7 protection for your plants


More Feature, One-Click Switch

Emoji mode, time & weather mode, dashboard mode, Pomodoro mode, etc.

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Don't Miss Out on These Features

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Planting your own plant has never been so easy

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Built-in battery, 8-hour runtime charging

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A convenient plant pot

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Superb setup

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